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If your work schedule, family life or other responsibilities do not allow you to find the time to trade, three strategies are made for you.

No time to trade? False

Busy people lack time to trade. They may not have the time in their agenda or just not enough time when the markets are open. There are even some people who do not do it because they think they do not have enough time. But this is not true. You do not have to sit all day in front of your screen. There is no point in staying connected to the markets at all times and it is certain that your trading activity does not have to be limited to certain hours of the day. There are many ways to trade and I'm here to show you three techniques that make it easy for people who are hard-pressed to make room for what counts, trading.

You have to remember that you do not need to trade all the time and you do not need to monitor price changes all day long. To do this, you must focus on the long term and get out of the handlebars by giving up the short-term scalping techniques that require active attention. Just use long-term charts like the daily chart where each price candle represents a day of price evolution. The goal is to aim for price movements that are spread over the long term. You will get two benefits: Freedom to go about your daily business and greater profits

Yes, I said bigger profits. You'll make bigger gains because the market makes larger movements over a week rather than a single day, hour, or minute. Of course, the gains will depend on the leverage you choose to use but the percentage performance on the underlying asset will be higher.

 LTC entry point

Trader this way will also involve Money Management rules. You will not be in front of your screen to make decisions in real time and therefore, prevention is better than cure. The IQ Option platform allows you to choose your "stop loss" and "take profit". That is, you can decide in advance the threshold from which you want to stop the fee and the threshold from which you want to take your profits. These thresholds will automatically close your position. If I learned something well during my career it is that we lose money by not closing positions that are degraded when they are still in the green and winning positions when they display profits

 EUR / USD example

Three Strategies for Highly Retired People Who Want to Trade

1- Really Very Busy – If you are really busy, it will be worth better that you choose a day of the week and that you spend your trades only this day. For this strategy, I suggest observing market information and price developments on Sunday evening. Feel free to use the indicators you want. The trick for this strategy is to mix technical analysis and fundamental analysis to anticipate what will happen during the week and adjust your trade at best.

Sometimes your trades will line up precisely with technical entry points identified by a large portion of investors. They will then make your best weeks. On other days the underlying trend will continue, supports and resistances will be achieved or trend will reverse. The idea is to make as many positive trades as possible and keep the ratio of winning trades / losing trades as high as possible. Use stop loss and take profit. Some weeks you will see that your 5 trades have been closed with a profit.

2 – A little less busy – If you are less busy, you will probably find time once a day to analyze the charts and do one or two trades. In this case, you will instead choose a shorter time window with one-hour candles to locate the supports and resistors. A good understanding of economic fundamentals can also help you. Use the indicators of your choice but follow only the signals that are in line with the trend and your analysis.

 Litecoin bullish example

3 – You have a lot of free time in the day – If you have time to trade every day but not when markets are open, look for markets that are open. All of the world's stock exchanges all close at the same time for only a few hours a day. The forex is open all day but not the weekend. If you are only available on weekends, you can always turn to the cryptocurrency market.

Trade Cryptocurrency

Any reference to historical price movements or levels is informative and based on external analysis. We do not guarantee that such movements or levels are likely to recur in the future.


Binary options trading involves a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all your funds.


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